Hi. My name is Olle, and I’m a writer (among other things).  Welcome to my blog. This page gives you a crash course on me and answers the most common questions.

I love compelling stories, travelling the world, and helping others grow. I believe in effort, learning, and having fun.

I started this blog in 2012 with some burning questions:

  • How can we live up to our potential and lead a fulfilling life?
  • What makes some people more successful than others?
  • How can we pursue our dreams?

What I found in my search was a community of like-minded individuals sharing many of the same struggles.

Here is where we rage war against our fears, where we come together to find the courage to listen to ourselves and act on that tiny voice inside our heads.

If you have a passion for stretching yourself and changing the world, then this blog is for you.

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What people are saying

I have been lucky that people say some nice things about me and my work.

Olle is enthusiastic and determined, with an infectious bound of energy that follows him wherever he goes. ~ Zi Yie Xie // Content and Promotions Manager at Hannabee Entertainment
Olle managed Flippa.com/blog and email content for 5 months in 2013. He’s exceptionally passionate about content and has the rare talent of being both a superb and creative writer as well as highly organised and efficient in management. He managed a team of writers as well as writing his own pieces which elevated Flippa’s blog to new levels under his watch. ~ Nick Kenn // General Manager at Flippa
Ollie is one talented communicator. ~David Siddall // Marketing Executive and Web Publisher
Olle is one of the most inspirational people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He is a real team player and has a passion for helping people and creating stimulating solutions to everyday issues or concerns. ~ Louise Ulveland // M&E and Reporting Officer at UNESCO
I found Olle to be highly personable, dedicated and interested. He’s switched on. ~ Doug Hendrie // Author of AmalgaNations, writer and lecturer
Olle is a great manager who is able to create a perfect working environment for people with different backgrounds. He makes any challenging work very interesting and is passionate in broadening his (as well as others) horizons and is always interested in peculiarities of various languages. ~ Yury Petrov // Postgraduate Student
Working with Olle at GiggleUp is such a great pleasure. His positive energy, professionalism and dedication are a constant source of inspiration and an irreplaceable resource. ~ Laura Wood // Freelance Illustrator
Every team needs someone like Olle to keep the momentum going. ~ Rebecca Brown // Student at International House

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Who Is Olle Lindholm?

Originally from Stockholm, I moved to Barcelona after graduating from high school and spent four months living together with a host family.

In Spain, I travelled around and met people from all over the world. I learned that life is what you make of it, and that you must take responsibility for yourself. No one is going to hand things to you. You choose where to go next.

So, I decided to pack my bags again. This time I was fulfilling a childhood dream: I was moving to Australia. I graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2012 with a major in Creative Writing and Communication. I also finished a Diploma in Spanish, where I fell in love with Don Quijote and Pedro Almodóvar’s films.

After graduation, I worked for an app company that made educational children’s games. I managed a team of translators and voice-over artists and we had a lot of fun.

I’ve also worked as the editor for Flippa. Here I wrote articles and managed a team of writers. I’ve written and guest-blogged for numerous magazines, publications, and blogs since. (To find out more about my writing, check out my portfolio).

I’m currently studying my Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication at Lund University.

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It’s all about you

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